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About Troop 72

Troop 72 is a very active Boy Scout troop on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington. Our high adventure outdoor program, our depth of experienced adult leaders, and the diversity of our membership are all significant parts of our focus on the personal development of our boys. Our approach to the eight methods of scouting sets us apart and creates an excellent program for the boys:

Ideals: The ideals of Scouting are spelled out in the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan. The scouts in Troop 72 learn these ideals through experience, leadership and example; not through memorization.

Patrol Method: Within the larger community of the troop, the patrol is a Scout's "family circle." Troop 72 uses the patrol method as a structure to give the boys opportunities to develop leadership skills, negotiating skills, communications skills and other teamwork skills.

Outdoor Program: Most of Scouting is designed to take place outdoors, where boys can find real adventure. High adventure takes a center point in the Troop 72 program. Boys learn to plan, organize and manage their own activities, and their experiences help them to build their own levels over personal responsibility and self-esteem.

Advancement: The Scouting program provides a structure for leadership development and personal growth, and a method of recognition for achievement. Troop 72 focuses on advancement as a "structure" for exploring new fields and rounding out Scouts' skills, and as an "outcome" of achievement, but not as a "motivation."

Personal Growth: As Scouts plan their activities and progress toward their goals, they experience personal growth. Among its active adult leadership, Troop 72 has 12 individuals who are either Eagle Scouts or parents of Eagle Scouts and who, based upon their first-hand knowledge are able to help identify and maximize the growth opportunities that the Scouts are exposed to.

Leadership Development: Leadership is a skill that can only be developed by doing it. Troop 72 actively works to create leadership opportunities and find activities for the Scouts to lead.

Association with Adults: Boys learn from the example set by their adult leaders and other adult volunteers. In Troop 72, the Scouts are surrounded by experienced adult volunteers, adult Eagle Scouts, and community leaders. (read more about our leadership)

Uniform: The uniform is a form of equality, it identifies the wearer as a member of the Boy Scouts, it recognizes achievement, and it is a means of identifying commitment.

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