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Troop 72 Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the scouting program. It is the outcome of years of commitment, leadership and personal development.

Troop 72 has a tradition of Eagle Scout achievement
Last year five of our members achieved the rank. Five more are likely to become Eagles this year and next year.

Troop 72 attracts Eagle Scout families
Families who have had a past Boy Scout experience recognize Troop 72 as an organization that offers a program and an environment that can foster personal growth and development in their sons. Over the past eight years, every Webelos Scout who is the son of an Eagle Scout elected to join our troop after his crossover.

Troop 72 leadership is based on Eagle Scout experience & perspective
Six of our adult leaders are Eagle Scouts and six of our active parents are parents of Eagles. These individuals have a first-hand recognition of how boys grow through scouting, and they help to shape the Troop's program to provide experiences for others.

Boys in Troop 72 recognize a culture of Eagle Scout achievement
In addition to examples set by other scouts, many boys in our troop have brothers, cousins, fathers, uncles, and grandfathers who are Eagle Scouts.

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