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Scoutmaster's Vision for Troop 72

Troop 72 is a Scout-led organization that utilizes the Methods of Scouting: Patrols, Ideals, Outdoor Programs, Advancement, Association with Adults, Personal Growth, Leadership Development, and Uniforms to deliver the Aims of Scouting: Character Development, Citizenship and Personal Fitness.

Troop 72 is a Scout-led organization. Scouts select, schedule, plan and execute all of their own activities. For the Troop to be successful, all of our youth leaders and members must take ownership of their own roles in what the Troop is and does. The Senior Patrol Leader, with assistance from members of the Patrol Leaders Council, will efficiently and effectively run fun and informative troop meetings.

"The patrol method is not 'a' way to operate a Boy Scout troop, it is the only way." The patrol method allows Scouts to interact in small groups outside the larger troop context, working together as a team and sharing the responsibility of making their patrol a success. A patrol takes pride in its identity, and the members strive to make their patrol the best it can be. Patrols will sometimes join with other patrols to learn skills and complete advancement requirements. At other times they will compete against those same patrols in Scout skills and athletic competitions.

The Scout Oath and the Scout Law are our Code of Conduct. Except for the Guide to Safe Scouting, adult leaders will refrain from imposing rules or guidelines. It is the Troop's expectation that all Scouts follow the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Trained adult leaders will help Scouts to understand the meaning of the Oath and Law, and will advise the Scouts how what they choose to do affects the success of the Troop, their own experience and the experiences others. However, it will be up to the Scouts to choose their own conduct and learn from the effects of their behavior. Adult leaders will be present during all Scouting activities to ensure that Scouts' conduct is safe and free from unacceptable behaviors such as hazing or bullying.

Troop 72 engages in a wide range of outdoor activities and high adventure experiences that are selected, scheduled, organized and led by the Scouts. The Troop will have at least one outing monthly, a three-day high adventure outing quarterly, a week-long high adventure outing in the summer, a week-long all-troop outing in the summer, and will attend both summer and winter camp. The Troop will conduct a mountaineering program for its older Scouts and a cycling program for all members. The Troop will endeavor to expose its members to a variety of different types of outdoor activities. In their planning, outing leaders will focus on ways to incorporate other Methods of Scouting - Patrols, Ideals, Advancement, Association with Adults, Personal Growth, and Leadership Development – into each outing plan. All outings will be in accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Troop 72 offers an Advancement program as a means of helping Scouts develop a wide range of skills and abilities, and to recognize Scouts for their achievements. The Patrol Leaders Council will build advancement opportunities into their Annual Plan. Older Scouts will lead younger Scouts in their advancement through First Class. Each Scout is expected to lead his own advancement trail. The Troop's Annual Plan will incorporate activities that will provide active Scouts with the experiences and training required to earn their First Class rank within of year after they join the Troop. The Troop shall maintain a Merit Badge curriculum that will allow active Scouts the opportunity to earn the merit badges require for the Eagle Scout rank over a four-year period through Troop merit badge clinics and Summer Camp offerings.

Troop 72 will give Scouts opportunities to interact with a wealth of adult leaders and volunteers, and to learn from their experiences. One Assistant Scoutmaster will act as an advisor for each Patrol. For each outing, an Adult Outing Guide will advise youth outing leaders through the outing planning process. Adults will be encouraged to participate on all outings. The Troop will strive to have a variety of different adults participate in Boards of Review and to act as Merit Badge Counselors. The Troop will attempt to have regular times when we invite business and community leaders to speak to the Troop. The Scoutmaster, all of the Assistant Scoutmasters and all adult volunteers will make themselves available to any Scout who seeks advice. Adult leaders will be present during all Scouting activities and will provide support for youth leaders whenever it is needed.

Troop 72 will actively seek opportunities for each of our Scouts to experience Personal Growth and Leadership Development. The Troop will have enough leadership positions that every Scout will be able to hold one. Youth leaders will encourage Scouts to lead events and activities. The Troop recognizes that Scouts learn by doing, so the focus of most activities will be to get all Scouts actively involved. Scouting is a place where boys can experience new things and step outside of their comfort zone in a supervised environment, and Troop leaders will encourage the Scouts to grow through these experiences.

Troop 72 is open to any and every boy who wishes to participate. The adult leaders of the Troop recognize the value that Scouting provided to us when we were boys, and we strive to bring this value to as many youths as is possible. The Troop also recognizes that, while disparate viewpoints can be challenging, the challenges that they bring help the Scouts learn how to work with others and work toward the Aims of Scouting. Scouts within the Troop will encourage others to join.

Troop 72 will maintain a culture of community service. The Troop will organize service projects so that all Scouts have the opportunity and are encouraged to volunteer 40 or more hours of community service per year. The Troop is committed to plan and manage the Christmas tree lot to support Queen Anne Helpline. The Troop is committed to training and educating the public about disaster preparation, and has committed to provide emergency radio communications for 72 hours in the event of a major disaster. The Troop is committed to offer service to our Charter Organization, Bethany Presbyterian Church. The Troop is committed to assisting Eagle Scout candidates in the service projects that they organize. Troop 72 views community service as a community affair – we will encourage our family and friends to participate, and events will be fun and socially rewarding.

The common bond between all of the elements of our vision, all of our methods and our aims is to have fun.

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