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Adult Participation

Parents are not required to participate, but participation should is fun and we hope that you choose to get involved.

  • Complete an Adult Application
  • Complete a Health and Medical Record Form
  • In order to participate on outings (and we hope you will) adults must submit a completed BSA Medical Health form annually. Parts A and C of the three-part form can be completed at home and should be submitted before you participate on an outing. Part B, which involves a medical examination, is required for outings longer than 72 hours or for activities that are strenuous and demanding. A copy of the form can be found here.

  • Let us Know About Your Driver's License and Auto Insurance
  • Before each outing, Troop leaders file a "tour permit" with the BSA that allows us to be protected by

  • Complete Youth Protection Training
  • This is an informative course that explains how the troop leaders and adult volunteers keep the Scouts safe. The training takes about 40 minutes and can be completed online (read more).

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