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Advancement is the process by which Scouts progress from rank to rank. Achieving each rank within Scouting involves completing a collection of requirements. A Scout advances from Tenderfoot through Eagle by doing things with his patrol and troop, with his leaders, and on his own. The Scout plans his own advancement, he progresses at his own pace as he meets each challenge, and is rewarded for each achievement.

Rank Advancement

There are seven ranks in the Boy Scout program:

Merit Badges

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Leadership of Advancement

Each Scout is responsible for self-leadership of his own advancement path. However, Scouts who are new to the troop are led through the early stages of advancement by their Patrol Leaders. PLs help to explain the advancement process and advise Scouts about how to complete advancements requirements; PLs keep track of many of the achievements of the Scouts in their Patrols and bring that information to the Patrol Leaders' Council to plan the skills instruction activities for meetings and outings; and PLs encourage the Scouts in their Patrols to complete requirements that are needed to progress.

Advancement Resources

Scouts can take advantage of a number of resources that are available to assist with their advancement:

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