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Troop Meetings

Troop 72 meets on Monday nights from 7:00 to 8:45 in Fellowship Hall at Bethany Presbyterian Church (1818 Queen Anne Avenue North see map).

Troop Meeting Agendas

Troop meetings typically follow the same agenda:

  • opening ceremony and announcements
  • skills instruction
  • patrol time
  • interpatrol activity
  • closing ceremony
Other Meetings

In addition to our weekly troop meetings, we also have a number of special meetings:

Patrol Leaders' Council Meetings

The Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) is made up of the Senior Patrol Leader, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s), all Patrol Leaders, Troop Guides, and others as determined by the PLC. The Patrol Leaders' Council plans the annual troop program at the annual program planning conference. The PLC then meets monthly to develop plans for upcoming meetings and activities.

  • The Patrol Leaders' Council meets monthly on the Sunday before the first Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 7:30 in the Parlor at Bethany.

Troop Committee Meetings

The Troop Committee, which is the troop's Board of Directors, supports the troop's adult and youth leaders in their efforts to deliver a quality program to the troop's Scouts

  • The Troop Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00 in the Parlor at Bethany.

Courts of Honor

A Court of Honor is a ceremony held one every quarter to recognize the achievements that the Scouts have made. Courts of Honor are formal ceremonies attended by all Scouts, their parents and families.

  • Courts of Honor are held quarterly, and often take place on a Monday night instead of a regular troop meeting. They are scheduled by the PLC and occur in the Sanctuary at Bethany.

Boards of Review

A Board of Review is a periodic review of the progress of a Scout. The meeting serves a number of purposes: the Scout gets a sense of his advancement and is encouraged to make the most of his Scouting experience, the reviewing committee judges how well the Scout is benefiting from the program, and the unit leader measures the effectiveness of the troop's leadership. The Board also provides an opportunity for the Scout to develop and practice skills needed in an interview situation, and it is an opportunity for the Scout to review his accomplishments. The Board of Review is a time to determine the Scout's attitudes, accomplishments, and acceptance of Scouting Ideals. Scout Spirit is defined as living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in a Scout's everyday life.

  • Boards of Review are scheduled on an as-needed basis, typically in advance of upcoming Courts of Honor. Boards of Review are often scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays in the Library at Bethany.

Annual Program Planning Conference

The Annual Program Planning Conference is a three day outing attended by all members of the Patrol Leaders' Council, who take the input they have gathered from the members of their patrols and develop the annual plan for the troop.

  • The Annual Program Planning Conference occurs in the fall.

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