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Troop Meetings

Troop 72 meets on Monday nights from 7:00 to 8:45 in Fellowship Hall at Bethany Presbyterian Church (1818 Queen Anne Avenue North see map).

Troop Meeting Agendas

Troop meetings typically follow the same agenda:

  • opening ceremony and announcements
  • skills instruction
  • patrol time
  • interpatrol activity
  • closing ceremony
Troop Meeting Guidelines
  • everyone should arrive before 7:00
  • Quartermasters and Scouts who are on setup or the flag ceremony should arrive before 6:45
  • Scouts should be in uniform
  • Scouts should bring their Scout Handbooks
  • everyone should satisfy their drinking and bathroom needs before the meeting
  • food and electronics are not allowed in Fellowship Hall
  • Scouts who are not involved with the meeting setup should remain in the lobby until they are called into Fellowship Hall when the meeting starts
  • a short PLC wrap-up will follow each meeting
Troop Meeting Participation
  • Troop Meetings involve team-based activities, and each Scout's Patrol needs him to participate. Scouts should attend all meetings.
  • The Troop is aware that our members are busy, and will sometimes have schedule conflicts on the night of a meeting. On the other hand, the Troop is also aware that schedule conflicts can sometimes be avoided with proper planning. Scouts are expected to do their best to manage their time so that they can avoid conflicts and are able to attend all meetings.
    • Scouts who have a scheduling conflict should attend as much of the Troop Meeting that they can
    • Scouts who cannot attend a meeting should let their leader know at least a day ahead of time
  • The Troop is aware that all of our members are assigned homework during the school year, and that the need to do homework can conflict with Troop Meetings. On the other hand, the Troop is also aware that homework conflicts can often be avoided with proper planning and time management. Scouts are expected to do their best to manage their time throughout the week so that homework does not prevent them from attending meetings.
Use of Facilities Before, During and After Troop Meetings
  • Scouts are only allowed to enter the rooms that have been reserved for the meeting
  • no one but Quartermasters, the SPL and ASPLs are allowed in the attic, closets or other storage spaces
  • Scouts should not touch any fixtures, equipment, musical instruments, books, games, toys, food, supplies or other property that does not belongs to the Troop
  • Scouts should be quiet in the hallways, and inappropriate language is not allowed anywhere in the church
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