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Your Uniform

Wearing uniforms is one of the important methods of Scouting. The uniform is a form of equality, it identifies the wearer as a member of the Boy Scouts, it recognizes achievement, and it is a means of identifying commitment.

Uniform Parts
  • Short- or Long-Sleeve Boy Scout Uniform Shirt
  • Boy Scout Uniform Pants (optional)
  • Boy Scout Uniform Belt (optional)
Neckerchiefs/Neck Slides
  • Troop Neckerchief (provided by the Troop )
  • Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide (provided by the Troop)
  • Council Shoulder Patch (left shoulder)
  • Unit Numerals, 72 (left shoulder)
  • World Crest Emblem

Click here to learn about insignia placement.

Scout Handbook (provided by the Troop)

New uniforms, handbooks and a variety of other supplies are available at the Scout Shop in Rainier Valley: 3120 Rainier Avenue South; Seattle, WA (click to see map). 206.721.5045 Uniforms and other materials can also be purchased online from www.ScoutStuff.org.

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